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Blogs: Why one writes it, and how its slowly taking over the fashion industry.

The concept of blogging is not a new one. Once could compare blogging to keeping of a journal or a diary for example. It is simply the publication of thoughts and or opinion a user wishes to convey on a public sphere; the internet (Pick, n.d.). Blogs have definitely been around on the internet for some time, however it is only recent that I have noticed that blogs, and bloggers alike are being taken more seriously on a professional and credible level – especially in the fashion industry (Gault, 2010).

Pick (n.d.) discusses that are many motivations that encourage users to blog their thoughts away, as a revenue scheme, a way for users to earn recognition and self validation as well as a way of gaining employment opportunities. Weller (2007) on the other hand suggests that not only does it save time and resources, but also exploits the platform as an easy form of information dissemination. However it is stressed that in order to have a successful and influential blog, its subject matter needs to be of a niche nature (Pick, n.d.; McIntosh, 2006). This allows for the blogger to differentiate themselves from thousands of other blogs in order to capture maximum interest.

McIntosh (2006) argues that blogs have the power to influence many individuals, without even realising the act. In my case, this definitely resonates profoundly. I wake up every morning to my Google Reader, for a variety of blog subscriptions to inspire and inform me of news regarding the fashion world. “Style blogs are turning the hierarchical institute of fashion on its head” (Gault, 2010) and forcing fashion lovers of the world to question, how long till Anna Wintour gives up her fashion dictator crown?

Fashion bloggers seated in the front row of a fashion with laptops in hand, side by side with Anna Wintour.
(Image retrieved April 30, 2010, from


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