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DIY Virtual Entrepenuer: How Impression Management can make you millions.

Since the arrival of the internet, there have been many introductions of platforms and applications that allow users to reach exponential growth (Chen, n.d., Hill, 2010 and Lawrence, 2010). This growth can be both monetary or through popularity increase. However, Chen believes that in order for a user or content producer to reach this success, it is imperative that the individual has a strong understanding of Impression Management (n.d.). One platform that continues to grow amateur performers into virtual entrepreneurs is Youtube (Chen, n.d. and Hill, 2010).

“Youtube has turned video sharing into one of the most important components of individual impression management and social networking” (Chen, n.d.). In order to be successful on Youtube an individual needs to exploit Impression Management tactics such as Self-Promotion, Ingratiation and Exemplification (Jones and Pittman, 1982 in Chen, n.d.) in a meticulous and unique manner. These tactics will help content producers to create buzz and word of mouth, all essential elements aiding the viral marketing of one’s Youtube channel. An expert understanding of Impression Management and its applications allow for amateur performers to become their own publicists when dealing with an online platform (Chen, n.d.). As the success of such practice will ultimately generate third party interest which will not only allow for the gain of monetary wealth but also open up avenues for bigger and better career opportunities.

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